NU2ICU V3 logoWelcome, we are here to help your career journey continue into the exciting world of ICU!

NU2ICU recognises that starting work in an ICU is a daunting challenge for most nurses, whether you are young or old(er), just graduated or a veteran of many different wards, transitioning into a position within this demanding environment can be overwhelming.   Achieving your expected high standards, or even just getting your head around where to start, can be extremely hard work and, usually, it also means a very steep learning curve

The following pages of online information hopes to assist you in building your foundations of ICU learning and help scaffold your nursing abilities.   This information will not replace years of practice nor will it make you instantly an expert but, happily, it remains a dynamic work in progress gladly shared with you – because you are NU2ICU!

As an new ICU nurse being able to work while providing better patient care empowered with added skills and knowledge is a very worth while goal.   Becoming more comfortable to inquire, engage with and model yourself on the seniors around you will also help you in your daily learning process

So let’s start with a “pre-test” or two (click those bold links) for you to answer with a peer or an educator to help assess how easy it’ll be to move on to our mutual goal

Thanks for coming and happy learning!


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